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How We Work 

About Us

Musical Retirement Home Care Agency is here to provide the best home care services for your loved ones, with a musical touch.

We provide non-medical care in homes, hospitals, retirement homes and long term care facilities.

We know high quality care is a priority, when you are looking for care for someone you love.

Be sure that with Musical Retirement you are in good hands.

Our team is dedicated to make your loved ones as comfortable as possible with our unique care services. We don’t just help with personal care, meal preparation, light housekeeping, running errands, medication reminders and more, but we also integrate music into our care philosophy.

We believe that music adds happiness to one's life, at any age.

Our team brings a high level of skills and experience in home care services, as well as in music. All of our staff members are passionate about music, and about sharing their knowledge and talents with your loved ones.

Integrating music into our care approach makes us different from all other care providers and brings extra  value for the people you love the most.

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Our Services

Personal Care

Personal care assistance helps the people you love to protect their dignity as they age, while receiving the care needed to stay safe, healthy and independent. Our certified caregivers help your loved ones to be as independent as possible, and provide comfort, and compassion while respectfully assisting with all personal care and hygiene needs.

Dressing | Bathing | Personal grooming | Mobility | Sitting and Rising | Oral care | Eating assistance | Morning/evening routines (wake-up, to-bed) | Post-surgical/post-hospital care | Palliative and end-of-life care | Extra care for hospital stays, Retirement homes, and nursing home | Hourly, Overnight or 24/7 care.

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Meal Preparation

For some people, meal preparation may become hectic. Planning out the meals, groceries needed and finding new recipes can be a hustle. For this reason, we have hired our certified team who is just one phone call away from serving your loved ones the meal they need. The meals are prepared according to your dietary needs and are always nutritious, full of vitamins and delicious!

Meal Planning | Recipe Research | Cooking | Grocery Shopping


Light House Keeping

Our caregivers help your loved ones with lighthouse keeping such as washing, drying, ironing etc… We are doing our best to help you and your loved ones become more capable of finding time for yourself instead of doing the home chores.

Swiping | Washing | Drying | Ironing | Dishwashing

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Errand Service

Our services are not limited to only staying home, we will also run errands for your loved ones. Our caregivers are happy to assist with filling out forms on behalf of you, submitting bills, and other related things you or your loved ones might need. We will help you get out of the responsibilities of running errands yourself. Our team will play music from your recommended list and ensure to relieve your mind while the work is being done.

Bills | Filling forms | Receiving mail | Replying to emails


Medication Reminder

If you’re or loved ones short on medication management for yourself or loved ones and unable to get them yourself then don't worry we will get them for you. Medicines and treatments are necessary if you or loved ones are facing a permanent illness. Our caregiver jobs include providing on-time medications, checking the availability of each medication, and ensuring that they don’t run out early. It is extremely helpful if you have insufficient supplies to take care of yourself in the night.

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Our team members will help prevent your loved one from feeling lonely. Oftentimes, elderly people spend most of their day alone and they miss interacting with people. Our team’s mission is to provide companionship to your loved ones. We make sure to fill the day with activities that will make them feel happy and loved. We do all activities alongside listening to music which is chosen by your loved ones.

Listening to music | Playing cards/chess | Arts and crafts | Creating photo albums | Home organizing | Gardening


Specialty Program

As qualified as we can be, our members will train you or loved ones on how to deal with challenges that might occur with on-going illnesses. The special programs we offer include fighting off dementia, sudden traumas, stiffness in muscles and bones. Our team will make sure your bag, that contains everything you need while travelling, is always ready for you.

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We not only provide care at home, but we also provide care in Retirement homes, Long Term Care Homes, Nursing Homes and Hospitals therapy services to assist you or your loved one with rehabilitation needs. We will help you to recover fast with our musical approach.
💕 Post-surgical care
💕 Hospital discharge care
💕 Medication set-up and administration
💕 End-of-life care
💕 Physical therapy and rehabilitation
💕 Occupational therapy
💕 Wound management
💕 Catheter care
💕 Care associated with chronic conditions
💕 Skilled hospice support
💕 Escort to Doctor’s appointments
💕 Medical communication between doctor and family


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