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About Us

Musical retirement services are a combination of services that we offer at Musical Retirement Corporation. We believe that music is the best medicine for health - because music nourishes your body and soul in the most effective manner.

We have a wonderful team of musicians and dancers, who are blessed with one most phenomenal skill. The skill of making people happier through music and you know what - Music is the strongest form of magic, it nourishes you from inside out, and sometimes a magical moment can bring back thousands of memories. Let's make this day, a memorable day. Feel the music in the air and don't stop your toes, feel free, and let yourself enjoy these precious moments.

We opted to provide happiness to those seniors who want to enjoy their old age with happiness and laughter. We will make your stay at a retirement house more amusing and provide you a caring world.

We bring music to your place and we are superintended towards our promises. Our saxophone master, Registered Nurse and Ivgeni Kriger who is also the founder of the Musical Retirement corporation is been entertaining seniors for 20 years and always eager to provide an unbelievable and extraordinary experience


What Makes Us the Right Choice?

We have become one of Ontario’s best choices because we understand how the elderly feel. We are here to bring you or loved ones the fun and joy you and your loved ones have been missing in all these years. We are a team of diligent professionals, who provide the best-in-class musical experience that can make anyone dance on their toes.

Our Values

You don’t have to worry about the rates; the entertainment will be worth it.

We have progressed after enhancing the recesses that we are providing. Our main aim is to increase the value of dancers and musicians through credible services. The compliment after the entertainment is what keeps us going.

Song Choice

We will play a song of your choice. Old or new, just give us a hint. The idea is to do everything that makes it more enjoyable for you; our team will make it worth your time. You can sit around, get up, or dance with us, there are no limitations. We can even play from YouTube and give it a little mix of our own.

Home Care

We are a mobile musical team, we can come to any place to entertain you or your loved ones and make both of you dance on the beats. We will ease your mental health and we will give you a reason to relish life.

Interactive Team

Our team is eager to make the environment more fascinating and joyful. The singers, musicians will interact with you and make you feel restful, happy, and young. We will Sing and play your favorite songs and help you to forget your worries and make enjoy the moment.

Extended Experience

We aim to become a ray of hope for those who want to enjoy life in their old age. Whether it's a party or a small mentoring session, our team is very much skilled and professional in providing a magnificent experience to our customers.

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Music acts like a magic key, to which the most tightly closed hearts opens.

"Maria Vons"

About our owner Ivgeni Kriger

Ivgeni Kriger is an Author of the “Musical Retirement” book, Registered Nurse, Entrepreneur, Professional Musician, Lawyer, and owner of the Musical Retirement Corporation. Throughout his time working in the nursing field, Ivgeni noted how music could serve to lift the moods of those who were in his care. That led to him moving out of the nursing field and exploring how music could be incorporated into all areas of senior care.

The idea behind Musical Retirement was born on DATE......?, Ivgeni Kriger and his team work with various retirement homes, long-term facilities, nursing homes, and different seniors’ communities to incorporate musical activities and events throughout their routine. No matter the size of the facility or operations, Ivgeni and his wonderful staff can provide a variety of musical options including out-door parties.

Ivgeni Kriger and his team continue to expand his offerings for seniors around the world and to establish the first in the world, Musical Retirement Homes.


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