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Musical Retirement Home at Seeley's Bay

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Our Mission is to make this beautiful time of seniors's lives even better, happier and full of smiles & music!

From the very small things such as starting the day with a motivational and positive song to having weekly concerts / performances / shows / entertainment and more in our home! We build those small but so powerful habits and routines to life every single day! 

Why choose us?


Grief has no place in our home, We opted to provide happiness to those seniors who want to enjoy their old age with happiness and laughter

Customized Care

Each resident receives an Individual Service Plan tailored to fit their personal goals

Comforts of Home

We offer a variety of suite options and residents are welcome to decorate to their personal tastes

Healthy Dining 

Enjoy healthy food you love freshly prepared each day by our in-house chef

For the People
Who Love Music

We have a wonderful team of musicians and dancers, who are blessed with one most phenomenal skill.

The skill of making people happier through music and you know what - Music is the strongest form of magic, it nourishes you from inside out, and sometimes a magical moment can bring back thousands of memories.

We believe that music adds happiness to everyone's life at any age.

Our team brings a high level of skills and experience in-home care services, as well as in music. All of our staff members are passionate about music, and about sharing their knowledge and talents with your loved ones.​

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About Seeley's Bay


Seeleys Bay is the first full service community, north of Kingston, at the southern end of the Rideau Corridor. Located just off Highway 15, it sits on a bay a few hundred metres off the main navigation channel of the Rideau Canal. The visitor will find lots of accommodation choices within a few kilometres of Seeleys Bay.

Seeleys Bay offers extensive public docking, a boat launch ramp and even a special canoe/kayak launching area. Power is available at the docks and several marinas are located nearby. There is a community park with playground and picnic tables. Supplies, fishing and boating items are available in the village at Main Street Hardware.

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Our Retirement home features secure entrances & exits and employ security staff to make sure our residents feel safe 24/7. For special health concerns, choose an assisted living option with round-the-clock nursing. Facilities with features like an urgent call system and access to a 24-hour health center will also help ensure your medical needs are always met.

Our Suits

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January - Happy New Year party

February - Valentine's Day Celebration  / Family Day Celebration 

March - St. Patrick's Day Party

April - Easter Celebration / Passover Celebration

May - Mother's Day Celebration / Elvis Presley party

June - Father's Day Celebration

July - Canada Day Celebration

August - Valts and Tango 

September - Drums and more  party

October - Halloween party

November - Remembrance Day / Listening and enjoying 

December - Christmas party / Hanukkah Celebration

1. Therapeutic Breathing                          6. Start singing

2. Release your cheeks                              7. Play some musical instrument

3. Positive thinking                                     8. Wash your hands

4. Don’t complain                                       9. Don’t touch your face with your hands

5. Don’t explain                                          10. Love everyone


Staying Busy

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